Always top quality, we insist.

Homecare always focuses on quality control. We have applied some certificates that ensure safety and best quality of our products. In year 2005, we have accomplished FDA and in year 2007, TUV, GS and ISO. In 2012 Japan SG Product Safety Association identified the workshop. We continue to streamline the production process, and to strive for perfection in every operation. Quality, as well as the customer’s intentions and assurance are our own insistence and responsibility. We aim to make the customers use our products in an easy way, who end up creating a peace of mind.

Research and development: Excellence in innovative thinking

Homecare is dedicated to the design and development of new products that have earned many patents. We will not only continue to improve the quality and technical improvements, but also to design innovative products to make each aids meet the physiological level for the users. We will implant “Self-reliance” concept to products that make them become fashionable accessories for elders to enjoy a life full of convenience and dignity.